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Representation for Homeowners

Recognizing the inequities in insurance claims, most state insurance departments have authorized certain individuals to assist policyholders with their property insurance claims. As Policyholder Advocates, we serve your interests only and never the insurance company.


The period immediately following the loss of your home is emotionally draining. No longer having the refuge once provided by your home naturally limits your ability to think past your immediate needs. In moments following the loss of your home, certain critical decisions must be made. Without years of experience to draw from, decisions made under those conditions are less than beneficial and often detrimental. Engaging Davidson Adjusters is the best decision you will make, both now and throughout your claim. Let our 30+ years of success be yours.


Our team will navigate your insurance claim and build the strongest possible foundation for your financial recovery.


We accomplish this by:

  • Immediately inspect and document the sustained damage 

  • Advise on proper mitigation efforts required to maintain compliant with all policy provisions

  • In-depth consultation to explain all coverages to develop the best possible strategy for presenting your claim

  • Help secure comparable temporary living accomodations  

  • Prepare detailed claims in accordance with all coverages provided

  • Negotiate the optimum settlement afforded by your policy


If your claim has been denied, delayed or underpaid, contact us for consultation & evaluation of your claim.

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