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Representation for Business Owners

Property insurance claims present unique challenges to business owners. All post loss decisions critically affect your recovery. Knowing all of your options prevents costly errors which impact your long term operations. With our guidance, your company will be better positioned to fulfill it's mission. 


Davidson Adjusters has successfully represented clients, such as Real Estate Developers and Management, Manufacturers and Industrial Facilities, Wholesale and Distribution Centers, Retail Professional Coprorations, Municipalities, etc.


Davidson Adjusters successfully represents Real Estate Developers/Management, Manufacturers, Industrial Facilities, Wholesale and Dstribution Centers, Retail Professional Corporations, Local Municipalities, etc.


Our goal is to minimize your loss by maximizing your recovery. Some of what you can expect is:

  • Immediate inspection of the site to determine the necessary steps to remain compliant with all policy provisions pertaining to loss mitigation

  • Comprehensive coverage analysis (current clientele frequently ask us to work in conjunction with their brokers on developing optimum coverage scenarios)

  • In-depth consultation allowing us to hear your specific needs, identifying objectives and potential goals that are in line with your future plans

  • Detailed itemized claim presentations 

  • Frequent status reports on claim progression.


Our firm is dedicated to maintaining a lasting relationship with our clientele. No two clients have identical situations. Our methodology develops a prosecution strategy predicated on your specific goals and objectives.



If your claim has been denied, delayed or underpaid, contact us today for an evaluation of your claim.

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