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At Davidson Adjusters, we offer full range of property claims management.

Emergency Services


Policyholders are obligated to mitigate damages as soon as possible following a loss. Improper efforts will jeopardize your ability to secure a proper settlement.


Our team has extensive experience in loss mitigation, from home emergencies to commercial and industrial disasters. Knowing exactly what to do will save you time, money and lead to a better recovery.


Davidson Adjusters, Inc. will move quickly to protect you in any situation.


Policy Analysis

​Insurance policies and regulations are routinely misunderstood. Insurance company representatives are not required to provide you with a complete detailed summary of all coverages provided.


From decades of successful claims prosecution, Davidson Adjusters, Inc. understands how specific policy provisions are actually applied. Let us help you get what you really purchased with your premiums.





Hazardous materials offer unique challenges when it comes to insurance claims amd how your property is restored ot replaced. Policies differ on coverages provided to remediate. Most municipalities have stringent guidelines in relation to asbestos, lead etc.  


Davidson Adjusters, Inc. works closely with remediation experts to assure that the efforts satisfy both municipality guidelines and policy coverages.


After the physical damage occurs, the insurance company will send an adjuster that will work to protect their interests. Accordingly, most states have authorized certain firms to represent the interests of policyholders.


Davidson Adjusters, Inc. only represents the policyholder; stridently protecting your rights making your policy work for you. 



Tragedy strikes every day.  Businesses and home owners everywhere encounter fires, floods etc. They can be displaced and incur great expenses that can typically be recovered by an insurance claim. 


Understanding the claims process and the often daunting requirements that accompany securing a proper settlement can be overwhelming.  Having an experienced team of professionals working to protect you is essential in any insurance claim.




Restoring your property creates its own unique stresses. Do you have to repair it? When do you repair? How do you repair it? Your policy impacts all of these.


Davidson Adjusters, Inc. will help you make the right decision for you. We will counsel you through the entire process keeping you fully apprised on how your policy will respond.

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