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"Davidson Adjusters arrived on the scene to help us navigate through the attempts of a large insurer to belittle our financial damages...I would strongly endorse the engagement of Phil and his firm."

"Davidson Adjusters worked relentlessly and tirelessly on our behalf...In the end, we were provided TRIPLE the original estimate our insurance companies had suggested."

"Davidson Adjusters challenged us with targeted questions--helped us prepare the necessary supporting data--and took a very strong lead in negotiating with the insurer through the claim and appraisal processes."

"The Davidson Adjusters team walked through our gutted home and accessed every single room and told us how things were going to work. Then his team went to work for us."

"Phil Davidson is successful because of his experience, commitment and the totally competent staff he employs. I would strongly recommend him without hesitation or reservation."

"Mr. Davidson took immediate control of the situation. His performance throughout the process was extremely professional and his positive leadership in negotiating with the insurer got our company a more than fair result...Mr. Davidson and his team went above and beyond our expectations."

"It would be an understatement to say that we highly recommend Davidson Adjusters...They really did help save us."

“I was able to rebuild my home and return to a way of life that would not have been possible if we had attempted to do this work on our own or with another firm.”

"Their knowledge of insurance procedures and how best to approach them was invaluable. I would be happy to recommend Davidson Adjusters to any prospective clients. It will be the highest recommendation that I have given in my many years of business experience."

"Your insurance company will work to provide you with as little as they can to you rebuild everything you have worked your whole life to establish. Phil Davidson and team will get what is fairly yours...You will feel like you have advocates who are truly fighting for you."

Davidson Adjusters is an industry leader with over 30 years of world-class claims preparation experience. We exclusively serve you, the client, not the insurance company.


Our team of qualified professionals will navigate your insurance claim and build the strongest possible foundation for your financial recovery.





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Davidson Adjusters, Inc.
293 Kinderkamack Rd.
, Suite101#329

Oradell, NJ 07649



Case Studies

Cause of Loss:  Wind

Location:           Hunts Point, NY

Cause of Loss:   Fire

Location:            Oradell, NJ




 We offer full range of property claims management:


  • Temporary Emergency Services

  • Remediation (e.g., mold, lead, asbestos)

  • Claim preparations

  • Policy review and coverage interpretation

  • Expert settlement negotiation

  • Structural restoration and repairs

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